17th August

He’s on his way to another office today so I’m not expecting much in the way of communication.

I open my email to see a very early email.

H: Morning Honey, Hope you slept well driving to Warwick now, Talk when you can kiss kiss kiss xxxx

A: Morning. Drive carefully xxxx

He called me on my mobile so we had a chat, but God knows what about as it was so long ago now

H: Morning, good to hear your voice xxxxxx catch you later xxxxxx

A: That’s so sweet. But I bet talking isn’t your favourite use of my mouth……! Bad Ava misses you & your mischief xxxxx

H: Talking with your mouth full is ok, swallowing is exceptional, bring on the 14th so I can slowly undress you to reveal your exquisite underwear that will remain in place for as I put you over my knee swatting your arse through your knickers………

A: I’ve just remembered you forgot to tell me what the surprise was yesterday! Unless it was you planned to fuck my mouth in CR in which case SURPRISE as I certainly wasn’t planning that xxxxxxxx I’m looking forward to you taking charge and have full control & access to my body. I might even just lie there like a good girl while you do what you want to do to me………..

H: You missed out on a chapter 20 shades of grey steel ball experience…….

A: Thank fuck for that! I do not see how the fuck they would fit………..!

H: Marbles not tennis balls!

A: Oh I’m well aware of their size. I still don’t see how they’d fit!!

So he emailed me:

Click here for the link he emailed

A: Fuck me, that’s only slightly terrifying but in other news my nipples went hard all their own…….

H: I’m hard at the thought of you sat at your desk squirming, walking up and down the office for a coffee run before I summon you to CR and lock the door behind you so I can slowly pull them out whilst licking your sex and squeezing your nipple …….

A: Whatever you do – don’t stand up with that hard on. You’ll be escorted off as a sex pest 😂😂 I think this overnight is going to be amazing, we’ll have so much time & privacy to try some of these ideas…….! For the record I’m already squirming and wet at my desk, wish you were here in CR today. My black dress is easy enough to lift to give you access to everything below the waist and although it’s covered on top it’s thin enough for you squeeze my nipples through, bending over the cupboard as usual for you thrust into from behind pulling my hair………..

H: Whilst reaching round to stimulate you as I come hard, pulling out I massage your clit with my cream occasionally nudging your tight arse with my thumb, applying pressure but not pushing past your tight ring ……

A: CR is free, such a shame you’re heading in the opposite direction……

H: Indeed I am, but that does mean I can chat xxxx I’m in the car now xxxx

A: You know where I am if you want a chat. I’m not doing all the calling I’ll look like a crazy stalker!!

And with that sent, he called me as he travelled onward to his destination. We had a chat about god knows what, it was so long ago now. I told him I’d call him when I got home if it was safe to do so.

I left the office to go home and do my usual chores. Whilst putting the clean clothes away I remembered that I’d bought some underwear and thought now would be an ideal opportunity to try it on as the house was empty. Result, it fit perfectly and looked fab, even if I say so myself. I decided to ring him to tell him. I asked if he was alone and somewhere private and said I’d facetime him, which I did. I gave him the full view up and down of my underwear, his face was a picture! I think I surprised him (but I’ll be honest I surprised myself more!) I took my breasts out of the cups and just sat there chatting to him whilst tweaking my nipples. We could’ve had so much fun but I quickly threw on my bath wrap as my son came home from work. I left him while a smile on his face, a hard cock and possibly a stain on his boxers. Very Happy Ava and a happier Harvey!!

I think I have a few emails missing as I’m sure we chatted after that but the next email is about going to bed.

A: Off to bed in peace, he’s on the sofa fast asleep so going to read in peace.
Catch up later babe if you’re around xxx

H: I’m around xxxx hope your not all naked ….

A: I’m naked. I sleep in the nude, I though you knew this!!
How was your night?

H: Still networking / drinking xxxxx only had 4 drinks so far xxxxxx are you reading?

A: Lightweight.
Yes I’m reading the affair by Lee Childs. No it’s not a story about a romp in the office it’s the original Jack Reacher book. It’s good.
Enjoy the networking, I’ll not disturb/interrupt you, catch up with you tomorrow xxx

H: With naked photos I hope xxxxx

A: No photos you’ve had enough of a treat today! xxxx

H: Not wrong, that will stay with me for a very long time, or until dementia sets in xxxxx

A: Then it was totally worth it! Glad I have the ability to surprise you xxxx

H: That’s me to bed, night night xxxxx thinking of you xxxx




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