16th August

Email recap

So following on from where we left off I finally replied a little after midnight.

A: Where were we? Now we need time to recover so we empty the bath and shower off. Helping each other making sure every part is clean!
Towelling each other off we lie on the bed cooling down letting the air dry us off completely.
But just lying there seems too cosy so I turn to face you, kissing your face, ear, neck trailing down the full length of your body, my finger nails slightly drawing a line everywhere.
Taking some massage oil I warm it between my hands and start at your feet. Lying on your front completely relaxed as my hands and the warm oil melt into your skin, completely relaxing you all over. You turn over so I can massage your chest, paying lots of attention to your nipples, I’m sat astride you slowly moving down your body as your cock springs to attention as my hands get lower. I leave your cock until last, as no oil is needed for that. Taking you again in my mouth, getting you rock hard, my fingers massaging my clit whilst you tweak my nipples, I’m so wet I climb on top and in one move you’re inside me. Taking slow deliberate moves as I squeeze you from inside all the way up & down rocking on my toes backwards and forwards. I can’t do that for long though so I get up and cross the room, using the back of the chair to bend across I tell you to follow me. Using your tongue & finger you very carefully use the wetness of my slit to lube my tight arsehole. Braced with the chair you gently put your cock into my tight hole, not too much pressure to see how it feels.
It feels good so we continue until you’re all the way in………………

H: Yes yes yes, God you know what I want, I’m so hard…… CR it’s is then, see you soon, got a docs appointment first thing then I’m in Xxxxxxxxxx

Best laid plans as usual no room available so I think we were both feeling the frustration as the following emails attest to:

A: Roll on the 14th September it’s only 4 fucking weeks away xxxxx

H: All is not lost, worst case is lunch out xxxx

The changing rooms might be empty?

A: And that’s lovely but even I’m not brave enough to have sex in the car in the daytime 😂 xxxx

Yes because I want to be caught on camera going into those with you ffs!

H:  I said lunch xxxxx

A: I’m not eating lunch in the changing room 😂😂😂 xxx

H: Fair point but if no one is at the desk….. Peter* won’t be in CR all day …… Laughing I’d eat you anywhere…. I wonder if I could hide under your desk and put my head up your skirt…..

A: Well today’s skirt is short enough ………!

H: Challenge accepted xxxxx

A: #sonothappening

H: Haha xxxxxxx not with my knees anyway xxxxx

A: Lunch will be nice xxx

We nipped out to pick up lunch and had a very quick fumble in the car bringing back our salad to eat here, it’s imperative we don’t raise suspicion at all.

I sent him a message on our work instant messenger something about me eating ice cream and having a mouthful of salt!

H: Some things shouldn’t go on Lync!!! Very funny though xxx

A: Jesus it’s not I like offered to blow you at your desk! Xxxxxxx

H: That I would like xxxxx

A: Well it worked well in CR
What would I like? You buried inside me from behind preferably squeezing my nipples – old school probably a bit vanilla for you but we can work on it in September in the hotel xxxxx

H: I like this vanilla, I think I’ve been having frozen water and not ice cream!!!!

A: It’s nice to finally be free to choose and come off a restrictive diet!

H: Can’t wait to sample Raspberry ripple and Chocolate ……

A: Neapolitan bit of all three 🙌🏼

H: Yes please xxx

A: 14th September- soon be here. Looking like we won’t get to say goodbye properly.
Have fun in Warwick tomorrow and I’ll see you briefly Monday xxxx

H: Never say never !!!! PM is on his last 1 to 1 …….

A: And my husband will be here at 4.30 sharp to pick to me up!
Not the best laid plan is it. Not the end of the world in the great scheme of things!

My husband had received some tickets for corporate hospitality at the football so we were going there with the other boss and his wife.

H: I think you should stand up, go to the toilets and remove your knickers then come back to your desk…..

A: Oh I did that over an hour ago when you went looking for a room – one step ahead as usual 😂

H: Worst case is a good fingering in the managers office ……

A: Yes because it’s so incredibly private & soundproof 😂😂😂

H: CR now!!!

I hot footed it to there and it very very quickly got out of hand. I kept my clothes on and gave him a blow job. And I swallowed! First time ever for me ☺️

So I left the CR smiling and went to the bathrooms to tidy myself up and wash my mouth out. I expected it to be unpleasant but it wasn’t at all. I sorted my desk out and Dick was waiting outside for me in the car. He made some sarcastic comment about the fact I was barely wearing a skirt and had I forgotten how old I was? What a knob, just what you need when you have to be on your best behaviour all evening.

Got home and while I was getting changed I emailed

A: Tick that one off the list, I swallowed and didn’t die 😂
Sorry it wasn’t the epic adventure you wanted but at least you got a happy ending xxxx

H: 😘😘👅👅 sorry to be selfish, I owe you one xxxxxxxx wow what a rush xxxxxx
A: Not selfish at all, glad you got a rush!
I come better off my feet or on my back – 14th September soon be here xxxxxx

H: And what a rush, that was one hell of a blow job, I will die a happy man xxxxxx

A: Like I said when you asked me about my head, I’ve never had any complaints 🙌🏼
Happy to oblige, it’s ticked one of my boxes too. Married 25 years and never swallowed 💦💦
Please don’t die xxxx

H: And for that I thank you, 20 years and never been swallowed! No intention of dying xxxxx

A: You are more than welcome. Enjoy your evening xxx




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