14th – 15th August

Recap of 14th & 15th August to now based on emails
14th August
A: I’m guessing you didn’t get away, hope everything is ok and that you’re just busy.
I’ve had my bath and a number of things came to mind.
Mainly you, mainly naked!
I think as we only have a few hours it’s not going to be possible to take change of clothes, underwear etc so I thought maybe we need to be creative.
I’ll already be in the room waiting for you, I think I’ll have a bath while I wait so I’m all nice and clean when you get there.
So I’ll be wearing only a towel. It’s completely up to you what we do this time. Gentleman’s privilege.
What do you want?????
H: You in a towel, all fresh and clean so I can make you dirty….. I want to walk in full clothed and towel you down very slowly over every inch of your body ….. Your breasts get special attention from my lips and teeth, I lie you down on the bed and work my tongue down your stomach straight to your clit, sucking and nibbling to wake her up, pushing her hud back so my tongue can hit the spot whilst my fingers dip inside you faster and faster, the faster my fingers the harder I squeeze your nipple ……. The harder I squeeze your nipple the more I suck your clit…….
A: Now it’s my turn.
I slowly remove your clothes, carefully remembering to hang them up as you need to go home looking respectful, not like you stopped off somewhere to fuck the office whore!
Kissing you whilst my hands stroke your cock getting you instantly hard. I push you back onto the bed. I take you in my mouth, licking & stroking your shaft. Tickling your balls and carefully bring you to the brink. You want to be inside me but not yet.
You’re now on your back and I’m kneeling over away from you, I position myself in your face so you can taste me, your fingers & tongue getting me wetter. I suck and stroke your cock this time bringing you to climax as you fuck me with your fingers.
15th August
H: Morning what a lovely email to wake to,
Yes please
I’m now driving and as hard as hell!
Really 😘😘😘looking forward to seeing you in 30 minutes or so kiss kiss kiss
(I also sent a photo of me in my underwear as he wouldn’t get to see them today as he was off to a funeral sadly)

H: Thank you looking perky as ever and very trim
A: You’re driving!! Both hands on the wheel please xx
A: You look very handsome in your suit this morning. It’s safe to say it would look better thrown in the corner of my hotel room as I rip it off you!
Thought you needed a smile as I know today will be difficult.
Here for you if you need an ear xxxx
H: Thanks for that, I so want any to get you alone with no distractions xxxxx
A: Soon, very soon xxxx

He came back to the office and we managed a brief kiss and cuddle in a conference room. He did get his hand up my skirt but no actual skin contact!
I got home and sent him a photo of what he was missing.
I will not be uploading photos so if you’re expecting that you’re going to be very disappointed!

H: bad bad girl xxxx
A: Oh I disagree, I think I’m pretty amazing!
Thank you, I finished what you started through my knickers, you have no idea how much I was willing your fingers under the fabric.
It takes no time at all for things to get out of control, let’s hope the room is free tomorrow so we can at least have some relief!
I imagined your tongue on my clit, your fingers getting me wet opening me ready for your cock as I suck and lick your shaft getting you hard so you can bury yourself inside me xxxx
H: Yes yes yes xxxxx
A: On a scale of 1 to 100, 1 being not at all and 100 being maximum, how much do you wish we were in a hotel now with you fucking me? Xxxxx
H: 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
A: Infinity would’ve been less characters πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Can’t wait, really should’ve booked something this week. Not to worry though as abscence only makes the sex more explosive πŸ™ŒπŸΌ xxxxxxx
H: Tomorrow hopefully when Freya* is at lunch so she doesn’t suspect anything I’m going to take you in CR lock the door behind me and you can be my bereavement councillor…. I’m going lick/and suck you so hard before you turn round and hold your ankles while I fuck you from behind ……
A: You’d better have booked CR for that plan to work! She’s leaving at lunch so she’ll be none the wiser.
Yes to getting fucked in the office tomorrow, I’ll remember easy access clothing! I’d probably be better off being braced against the cabinet, you don’t want me to keel over if I bend with my blood pressure ❀️ bring it on otherwise. It’s got to last me until mid September xxxxxx
H: I’ll sort it some how, failing that we are going out in the car for lunch xxxxx
A: You’re so masterful get you πŸ˜‚ xxx
H: I have a surprise for you tomorrow that may just blow your mind ….
A: Oh god I wish you hadn’t told me that. I don’t like surprises and now I’m going to wonder………..!
H: You Will have to be slightly obedient but it’s all pleasure I guarantee
A: I do hope you’ve not treated yourself to a gimp mask πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ xxxx
H: Too funny,I think I’m just pissed my self xxxx
A: Nice. I’ve been pissed off plenty of times but never pissed on thank god πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
H: I was going to say never say never, but maybe on this occasion, unless it’s a special request from bad Ava I think never xxxxxx
A: Off to get dressed as I’m out for tea so I’ll catch up later enjoy the gym if you go xxxxx
H: Will do xxxx night night xxxx
A: Night babe thanks xxxxxx
Hope you have a pleasant night, don’t overthink anything, your friend knows where you are. Thinking of you and hope this afternoon was a nice if brief distraction xxxxxxxxx
H: Xxxxxx yes and what a lovely distraction xxxxxx
A: Xxxxx
H: Gym bound now, are you back from your evening out?
A: No still out enjoying date night.
Have I missed your birthday? xxx
H: No it’s the 28th have a good night, I’ll leave you in peace xxxxxx
A: I’ll be home soon xxx
H: ok, Catch you after my swim xxxxx
A: Look forward to it xxx
A: Bath running while I take my make up off. Well that was a strange turn of events. He came home as I was hanging up the new dress I bought at lunchtime. He made some stupid comment about making an effort for my “other men” and I joked that I didn’t as they prefer me naked! He asked me why I had to buy new clothes to go out (this is not news, he was obviously picking a fight) I told him I’ve piled weight on and want to look nice, for me, no one else and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. When he asks me out I wear jeans, told him that’s because I’m comfortable with him. Told him if he was that bothered I’d wear a fucking dress next time!! Consequently we went to dinner. Make up, heels new dress the whole nine yards. For 2 hours what a fucking waste!!!
And I won’t be getting a shag either, good job we have plans tomorrow!!!!
Sorry rant over, I don’t have to justify myself to you we both know the score but I don’t want you thinking this means everything is peachy as its not. Now you’ve had me ranting it’s time to get me panting.
I’m naked and all yours, what’s the plan xxxx
H: Bath oil dribbled over your chest me sat behind you massaging your tits gently increasing the pressure until I’m squeezing hard enough for you to squirm, 2 hands on one tit stopping the blood returning watching it increase in pressure as your nipple throbs and throbs…..
Letting go and teasing the thriving nipple between my thumb and finger……
Biting the back of your neck, my free hand tracing down your spine all the way to your tight arse, lingering on your tight arse for a second before carrying on to you slippy slit 3 fingers forcing a way in as I pull your nipple hard …….
A: I like the sound of that, I’m guessing you’re hard even though we’re under water. My hands reach behind me to stroke your cock and massage your balls, whilst you kiss my neck your hand reaching down to finger my clit with your slippy hand………!
Great minds think alike do carry on 😍
H: Letting go of your tit I focus on your clit, slowly wanking it out of its hood, until it wakes up and I can squeeze it to get the blood flowing ……
3 fingers turn in to 4 and I push hard making you stand up, still squeezing your clit and finger fucking you to orgasm with both hands… All the time watching your tight arse twitch …….
A: Well that’s certainly more than generous attention to me, what do you need?? Xxx
H: You kneel down as I stand up holding your hair tightly I fuck your mouth until come dribbles down your chin…..
Night night my logon later when safe. I’m just home now kiss kiss kiss

Now I need to be honest and at this point I got the giggles in spectacular fashion. Why because all I could think was if I knelt down we’d be practically the same height. (I know I’m very bad and he’s not really THAT short but once I started giggling I couldn’t stop!

A: Night babe thanks for the inspiration will reply suitably when my breathing returns to normal xxxxx
H: Night night, early night for me xxxxxx
A: Night babe sorry I didn’t get to reply properly xxxx



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