Everything changed on 29th July.

In what way? Every way. A small meeting turned in to a very hot, heavy and fast session in one of the conference rooms.

Blinds down, door locked, dress unzipped and slipped off my shoulder, knickers off and in his pocket, dress up around my waist. He undid his jeans, stood there commando. Hard cock sticking out ready for me. Taking him in my mouth, my hand stroking his balls, he pushed me onto a chair, pushed back the chair so with my arched back with his head buried into my lap, expertly he bought me to orgasm. I got up, bent across a cabinet in the corner and from behind he quickly fucked me and came.

The element of risk only added to the thrill of it. It was amazing!

He is not my type at all, I usually have a 6ft minimum height requirement but he’s not that tall, I don’t do gingers (sorry, I know that’s really offensive but I have to be honest!!) but I’ve made an exception and I’m really pleased I have, just goes to show don’t judge a book by it’s cover.

From there we explored via private emails what we want and would like to do each other. I have to say he surprised me, he’s quite a dark horse. I’m incredibly vanilla, I’ve been with 4 people my whole life including him. I have had my husband forever, and he was my first. My marriage has broken up twice in the meantime and both times I met someone else afterwards. This is a total new area for me though, having to hide my tracks and ensure I give nothing away to my colleagues either. It could be a recipe for disaster but as we’re both fairly intelligent people I think we’ll be fine. We are totally on the same page sexually and looking to explore a friends with benefits situation. We both know and fully accept that there can never be anything more than what we have now, neither of us want our home situation to change and this is purely about sex.

I’ve set this blog up so I can empty my head about it all and it’s somewhere to keep a record. For obvious reasons we have to delete everything and hide our tracks.

I can only go back as far 15th August so I plan to drop the emails in here in chronological order so if we forget what we’ve suggested there’s some place to go for inspiration.

Hopefully I’ll get chance to do that soon!






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