3 week break

So he’s away with his wife and we will have no personal contact at all. It’s possible that we will need to communicate for work reasons but I don’t plan to do that unless I absolutely have to. I will miss the attention but I’m not going to be sat here pining away singing Whitney Houston’s Saving all my love for you – that’s for damn sure! I genuinely want him to have fun, relax and enjoy his holiday. It’s his birthday while he’s away and I hope he at least gets a birthday shag. I only have his word that he gets very little attention at home, but he’s no reason to lie to me and I believe him. I’m astounded if it’s true as so far he’s ticked all the boxes for me but it’s none of my business what happens between them and frankly if he was happy & getting loads of attention there would be no need for me.

We have plans for his return, I’ve booked a hotel for a cheeky afternoon rendezvous. It will be a good opportunity to spend some quality time together in private with no risks or time pressures. I’m not quite sure about overnight just yet, it’s too much too soon. This way we get the best of both worlds – time together without the baggage of no escaping if it’s awkward.

Saying that we do have the opportunity once a month over the next few months to do an overnight. We have various things booked with the company we work for so we’ll be in the same place at the same time with seperate rooms so we will see. It’ll make it easier to plan things & take underwear etc.

We’ve got ideas and when I can access the emails safely I’ll post them here. I’m such a rookie though. His first few emails with his plans scared the fucking life out of me!!! Talk of ropes, balls, toys and smacking my arse was a bit of a surprise – he so doesn’t look the type – but I’m intrigued and the thought of it definitely has had an effect!

I’ve already done stuff I’d never do. Without him even asking I’ve sent him photos of me in underwear, without underwear. I’ve sent him videos of myself doing all sorts. I can only blame my medication, I think it’s made me lose my inhibitions completely. I have very little filter at the best of time at work, I’m quite vocal but this is a whole new level of bravado!

I’ll concentrate on Dick (literally & figuratively!) while he’s away, a girl has needs and although he fulfills them for me admirably I do practically have to beg him which is no fun at all. You’d think most men  would be grateful to have a wife that’s up for it, especially one that doesn’t lie there like a sack of spuds and actually takes part and enjoys sex, but no, not mine.

But that’s a conversation for another day!

I’ve shared enough for one day. I’m off to bed!


4 thoughts on “3 week break

  1. Harvey sounds fun. Mistress was pretty a surprised by me as well. It’s not like we wear a sign around that says who we are sexually. But I was surprised by her since my wife is just not sexual.

    How is it that women with high sex drives keep ending up with husbands who don’t? It makes us husbands with high sex drives married to wives who don’t go mad thinking about it.

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      1. The more I read the more I believe that. A blogger named Magenta and Me said her AP and her talk about if they could have a 1 week pass each month to be together and the rest with their families it would be just perfect. I’m starting to agree.

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      2. Magenta speaks a lot of sense. I can totally agree with the sentiment of that, all the fun, sex, affection & being desired for a week would certainly make the rest of the month bearable.

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