The Beginning

So where do I start?

I’d better start at the beginning but as I don’t actually know when that was it might be difficult. We’ve worked together for several years and always got on really well. Recently though we became closer and I have no idea how or why this happened.

I’m going to call him Harvey because we’re both a big fan of the TV show Suits and he calls me Donna. Long story, he’s a manager and for many years I’ve been at his right hand, helping, supporting and generally being fabulous at sorting out whatever he needs. He appreciates me and has become a very good friend.

It’s not an affair, it’s not romance and it’s certainly not love. It’s just sex and attention from someone I like and trust. We both know the score, our situations are very similar in that we’re both in marriages that work, but just lack the sexual content that we both want, allegedly. I say allegedly as I can only speak for myself, for all I know he’s really living the dream by having his cake and eating it, but that’s fine because I am too. And I’m loving it. I’m loving the opportunity to be completely open and honest about my wants and needs and I’m looking forward to exploring them…………………………….!

More to follow!


2 thoughts on “The Beginning

  1. Wow, this is how Mistress and I were. I was the manager and she was my right hand gal. I trusted her and relied on her a lot. I guess the difference is we fell for each other and tried to avoid the sexual desire ( unsuccessfully).

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